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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is MatchFamilies for?

Families/couples (any gender), single parents with or without kids,

  • who moved to another place (e.g. city)

  • who moved internationally (expats, immigrants)

  • who would like to expand their social circle and meet other likeminded families to make friends 

What do I need to create an account?

You need to indicate your first and last name, email address and password. The App will then send you an email to verify your email address. You need to follow the link from that message to verify it. After that you can log into the App with your credentials, fill in your profile and start using the App. Alternatively you can also use your Apple, Google or Facebook ID to sign up. 

Is it a free app?

MatchFamilies is free to download and use. Here are the main features available free of charge: 

  • Explore suggested family profiles

  • Search for compatible families nearby

  • Chat with matched families and arrange meetups

  • Access all content in our Community Board

The App also has a Premium Subscription. Here are the main features of it:

  • Search for families/couples in other cities and countries in the Near Me section (as well as changing your current location in the “Settings” to do the same)

  • See who liked your profile

  • Like and send a personal message even before matching

  • No advertisements

How can my spouse/partner also use the app in parallel?

Your spouse can log into the App using your credentials: email address and password.
Moving forward we will introduce “Add a user” feature. 

What if I can’t decide whether to like or pass a profile?

You can save a profile and decide later (e.g. after you talk to your spouse). You can access saved profiles in the “Settings - Saved Profiles”. To save a profile please click “Save for Later” button on a family profile card. 

Is it a dating app?

No, it is a socialization and community app for families. Users can find other compatible families and chat with matched families, arrange a call or a meetup, access useful content and tips, attend out onsite family-friendly events. 

In which countries and languages is this app available?

It is available worldwide but we are focusing on Europe, USA and Canada.
Currently the app is available in English, German and Russian languages. We will soon add Spanish language. 

What if I don't see any profiles in the app?

It means that we haven't yet launched in your region or country. But don't delete your profile or the app and stay tuned as new users may register there anytime. 

What happens if I swipe left or right?

If you swipe right it means that you like a profile. Liked users will get a notification that you liked their profile and if they like you back that would mean it is a match. You or they can start chatting. 
If you swipe left it means that you pass (or skip) a profile. Users will not get any notifications if someone swipes left. Their profiles will keep to be shown in the “Near Me” section and if you change your mind later you can still like them. 

What if I noticed a suspicious profile?

Please click “Report User” button on a family profile card. We will then investigate whether this profile is in line with App’s requirements and if not we will delete it and block their email address. 

What does it mean if I received a message in the Chat?

It means that a user profile that you had liked before liked your user profile and started chatting with you. Only matched users can chat with each other. You cannot receive any messages from users that you didn’t like, unless they are Premium Subscription users. 

What shall I do to find a compatible family/couple?

You can explore suggested family profiles in the “Explore” section of the App. You can access family profiles near you in the “Near Me” section, review and like them if you want. You can also use filters in the “Near Me” section to find compatible families/couples.


How many profiles can I like per day?

As many as you want.

How to start a conversation in the chat?

We would recommend you to start by introducing yourself and sharing what has sparked your interest in liking a family/couple. 

Is MatchFamilies safe to use?

We use all global standards of safety and security to protect our users. The App and its functionality are built in line with GDPR regulations as well as all other current data protection regulations. It is delivered through the Firebase platform (belongs to Google) and all user data is stored on our server in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Which means that the personal data of our EU users will not leave or be transferred outside of the EU. You can access all the details on our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages on this website. 

How is my data protected?

MatchFamilies will ensure that your data is processed securely and confidentially, including in cases where certain operations are carried out by our partners. Accordingly, appropriate technical and organizational measures are implemented to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration and erasure of your Personal Data.

How can I share my feedback?

You can share your feedback directly from the App (Settings - Feedback) or on this webpage (Section “Contact and Feedback”). Additionally you can send us an email at:

Can I delete my profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile anytime (Settings - Delete Profile)

Who can help if I have any troubles while using the app?

If you face any issues please contact us at:


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