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Two Families Enjoying Camping Holiday In
Two Families Enjoying Camping Holiday In

Do you believe that there is a family living in your city that is a great match to yours and who could become your great friends?

How easy is it to find them?

What are the chances of your paths ever crossing?

How long would it take?


Have you moved to a new city or country and haven't met anyone yet?

a seed couple with a stroller for a chil

Do you have a small baby and feel disconnected from old single friends?

Do you want your social life back and to meet new people as a family?

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Here are the traditional ways of meeting new people:

Through kids?

(parents of kids' friends)

If they are open for a contact and are fit to your family

The problem is that the traditional ways take a lot of time and effort and provide limited chances to meet genuinely matching people, especially in Pandemic times... 

What if you had thousands of such chances right now?


How does it work?

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  • Find compatible families nearby using filters

  • Explore suggested family profiles based on common interests, languages you speak, age, location and more!

  • Chat with matching families, arrange meetups

  • Check who liked your family profile

  • Find compatible families when traveling to other cities or countries

Here is why you should use the app:

  • It's easy: it takes less than 5 minutes to register and create a profile

  • It's quick: you can save time and effort and immediately find families and couples nearby, who are also looking to meet new people and make friends

  • It’s comfortable: as all families are open to get in touch

  • It’s precise: you can find people of your same age, with common interests, who speak the same languages or who come from the same countries, with kids of the same age/gender; and they may live just a block away from you! 

  • And hey, it's FREE!

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Two Families Eating Meal At Outdoor Rest

Who is MatchFamilies for:

Families / couples (any gender) with or without kids, single parents,

  • who moved to another place (e.g. city)

  • who moved internationally (expats, immigrants etc.)

  • who would like to expand their social circle and meet other likeminded families to make friends (e.g. if your friends’ circle is being changed due to a newborn)


The quality of your life is to a great extent determined by your social circle

Two Families Eating Meal At Outdoor Rest

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